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All dudes are welcome here! Any nationality; the only rule is that you have a dick (and you should be 18 years or older (or of the legal age in your locale). I am a dude from the United States and gay porn gets me hard! I'm 19! Not all pictures will be of naked guys. So sit back, whip out that dick, and enjoy! (P.S. the pictures are neither of me nor my friends.) Therefore, if a picture on here is of you, and you would like it removed, shoot me a request by asking a question or email me at

I LOVE messages and submissions from followers!

All persons on this tumblr in pictures that are not mine have been collected from sites where models/submissions from people were 18 or older on the day the pic was taken...
As for the pictures I took personally, I made sure that the person(s) in the photo(s) were 18 or older.

Please, submit pics and vids :)

Please, remember that I have a lot of homework and will try to get on whenever possible. Look at my entire blog (if you haven't already) so you can see every post and picture if I didn't post those days!
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